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The Armory Show

March 8 – 11, 2012

The Armory Show
The Armory Show

Greenberg Van Doren will be presenting two concurrent solo presentations at
the Armory of new work by Kanishka Raja and Cameron Martin. Both artists
will debut an entirely new body of work made specifically for the Armory.
Kanishka Raja's "We'll Always Have Switzerland" dynamic multimedia
installation of vibrant paintings and drawings over a site specific woven
textile explores the complex relationship between sports, ornament, screens,
lines of demarcation and tyranny. By contrast, Cameron Martin will create an
nearly blindingly white cube, the color of which will subtly activate the
phenomenological aspect of his work. Cameron's ethereal and elusive
paintings investigate the intersection of landscape and photography and seem
to develop and dissipate simultaneously in front of the viewer before coming
to full resolution.