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Jackie Saccoccio

Femme Brut

January 2020


Femme Brut is an allusion to Jean Dubuffet’s “Art Brut,” his definition for raw, emotional work made outside of the academy, Saccoccio’s expansive, physical, and unapologetic Femme Brut is, for what the artist states as “abstraction at full throttle.” The works to go on view are characterized by a muscular urgency and evidence formal interests in space and scale. The unabashed bravado of the newest canvasses recall artist and art critic Thomas Micchelli’s comment that while Saccoccio’s work contains “echoes of Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler,” it is her “exploitation of every conceivable mode of applying paint” that “grounds the work in pure painting and distinguishes it as a post-painting phenomenon.”


ISBN: 978-1-7325933-2-9

Softcover; 32 pages

Out of Print