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James Brooks

Familiar World 1942 – 1982

May 2017


James Brooks: Familiar World 1942 – 1982 highlights Brooks’ working methods such as spontaneous drip paintings—Brooks adapted his process through a range of more mannered techniques. Rather than dripping paint directly onto an entire canvas in the manner of Pollock, Brooks would sparingly drip paint onto only a small region of the canvas, at times vertically rotating the canvas to force drips in different directions. He used brush strokes to create the illusion of drips so convincingly that it is difficult to distinguish between the real drip and the artificial. Navigating these two extremes––the semblance of instantaneous gesture on one hand and a controlled mediation of materials on the other––Brooks’ work is entirely distinct from that of the other Abstract Expressionists.


ISBN: 978-0-9908058-6-1
Softcover; 32 pages