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John McLaughlin

Hard Edge Classicist

January 2010


John McLaughlin was a New Englander by birth (Sharon, MA) and education (Andover, MA), but he ultimately lived and worked in Dana Point, California where he built a house and studio. He came to painting late in life in his forties and was self-taught though not without an aesthetic education. His abiding interests in 15th-century Japanese brush painting, Russian Constructivism, most particularly Kazimir Malevich, and Piet Mondrian informed his work. McLaughlin lived in Japan from 1935-38 where he learned Japanese, and prior to devoting himself full time to painting in the 1940s, he also was a dealer in Japanese prints. Published on the occasion of the exhibition John McLaughlin: Hard Edge Classicist.


Softcover: 34 pages

ISBN 0980125952

Out of Print