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John McLaughlin

Marvelous Void

November 2016


Marvelous Void examines seven paintings completed between 1948-1974 by the post World War II abstractionist John McLaughlin (1898-1976). Conceived and curated by Robert C. Morgan, this specific investigation into the purely abstract work of John McLaughlin. The exhibition title derives from Sesshu Toyo, a 15th Century Japanese artist and Zen monk, whose approach to ink painting introduced the concept of “emptiness” or the “marvelous void” into Japanese painting, ultimately influencing the work of the American painter five hundred year later. According to Professor Morgan: “The use of empty space moves through the paintings of Sesshu in a way that echoes the natural living environment as a seemingly infinite space. It was this idea that caught the attention of McLaughlin early on, and stayed with him throughout his career.” Published on the occasion of the exhibition John McLaughlin: Marvelous Void.


Softcover, 36 pages

Essay by Robert C. Morgan

ISBN: 978-0-9908058-4-7