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Robert Motherwell

Paintings and Collages

April 25 – June 1, 2001

Robert Motherwell

Solo exhibition

Lawrence Rubin·Greenberg Van Doren·Fine Art is pleased to present a selection of paintings, collages, and works on paper by Robert Motherwell (1915 – 1991), on view from April 25 through June 1, 2001. This exhibition will feature twelve works, including major paintings from the late 60s through the late 80s. The exhibition will be accompanied by a full color fold-out brochure.

Motherwell’s oeuvre remains unique in post-war American Art. Not easily defined within any one school of his contemporaries, his long career is a testament to creating a unique harmony between discipline and abandon. As the artist’s biographer H.H. Arnason has noted, “Motherwell has never belonged with the overall abstract brush-gesture painters such as Pollock or de Kooning, nor on the other hand with the hard-edge color painters such as Kelly and Noland. He is essentially an abstract imagist whose most unified color fields are filled with nuances of brush variations and whose freest brush passages are controlled by a larger structure or unified image.” Beside the Sea and Summertime in Italy, both from 1962 and featured in the exhibition, typify this dialogue between freedom and control. A spontaneous splattered drip becomes a stark iconic image in Beside the Sea, while a loosely delineated open triangle anchors Summertime. His ability to combine intuition and technical sophistication are also evident in other works featured in the show, from Spanish Elegy #18, 1969, to the monumental late work The Big A, 1987.