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Sam Francis

Works on Paper from the 1950s

April 3 – May 17, 2003

Sam Francis

Solo exhibition

Artemis · Greenberg Van Doren · Gallery is pleased to present a survey of important works on paper by Sam Francis. The exhibition Sam Francis: Works on Paper from the 1950s, is on view from April 3 – May 17, 2003.

Sam Francis’ art has come to occupy a unique place in the history of post-war American painting. From the outset of his career, Francis developed a distinct brand of Abstract Expressionism, which related to contemporary Bay Area and New York School painting, yet defied categorization as either. The artist’s works from the 50s are characterized by fields of transparent cell-like forms and vivid planes of color which dance against pale white ground. These vastly influential works are exemplary for their emotional heat, lyrical use of color, and delicate but assured brushwork.