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Sojourner Truth Parsons, Sean Steadman, Veronika Pausova

February 26 – March 26, 2017

Sean Steadman Portrait with Butterfly
Sean Steadman Glasses
Sean Steadman Cat
Veronika Pausova Ocean
Veronika Pausova Blue Passage
Sojourner Truth Parsons

11R is pleased to present a 3-person exhibition with new works by Czech-born Veronika Pausova, UK artist Sean Steadman, and Canadian painter Sojourner Truth Parsons, on view February 26 – March 26, 2017. The exhibition comprises recent, mostly small paintings by each artist, whose compositions feature disparate imagery along with found and invented symbols.


The intimately scaled canvases in this exhibition traffic in imaginary visual games, weaving together identifiable forms and painterly strategies into pictures filled with secret codes and emblems. Recognizable creatures like fish and spiders crisscross through Veronika Pausova’s atmospheric windows, while Sean Steadman packs primordial signs and mutating shapes into dense and compact arrangements. Sojourner Truth Parsons’ lone, larger-scale painting features two dogs engaged with each other in the dark. Each work in the exhibition proposes an idiosyncratic narrative that subtly vacillates from reality into dream.


Veronika Pausova was born in 1987 in Prague and was educated at Virginia Commonwealth University and Glasgow School of Art; she currently lives and works in Toronto. Recent solo shows include Paramo, Guadalajara, and Sardine, Brooklyn, NY. Group exhibitions include Simone Subal, New York; Bureau, New York; and 1708 Gallery, Richmond.


Sean Steadman was born in 1989 in Chelmsford, England, and was educated at the Royal Academy Schools and Slade School of Fine Arts; the artist currently lives and works in London. Steadman had a solo show at Project Native Informant, London, and his group exhibitions include Carl Freedman Gallery, London; Kinman, London; and Royal Academy of Art, London.


Sojourner Truth Parsons was born in 1984 in Vancouver, was educated at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Recent solo exhibitions include Tomorrow Gallery, New York, and Night Gallery, Los Angeles. Group shows include Foxy Production, New York; Galerie Sultana, Paris; Cooper Cole, Toronto; and Know More Games, New York.