Richard Diebenkorn

Works on Paper 1955 - 1967
November 2017
Book Softcover, 42 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9908058-8-5

The works selected for this exhibition catalogue are intimately scaled. While Diebenkorn’s works are often evocative of his surroundings, these works provide an even deeper familiarity and access into the artist’s way of seeing. Common domestic scenes become contemplative studies: table settings, a telephone, a view from the window of the artist’s studio. In 1966, Diebenkorn moved from Hillcrest Road in Berkeley, CA to Amalfi Drive in Santa Monica, CA. As with previous moves, each new surrounding would come to provoke a change in the artist’s palette and in the overall rhythm of his compositions.


Softcover, 42 pages
Essay: Rachel Federman

ISBN 978-0-9908058-8-5